The USPTO’s Public PAIR is an invaluable source of patent application information. However, it does not provide attorneys with the ability to dig deeper into application data and gain meaningful insight into patent examination trends and patterns.

To help make sense of the wealth of information available in Public PAIR, LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® offers an alternative, called QuickPAIR™. QuickPair is a robust application tool called uses analytics to parse the large amount of PTO data into intelligible statistics. These statistics can be used to help predict how your patent examiner will treat your application, your application’s chance of making it to allowance, and potential hurdles your application could encounter during examination.

QuickPair provides you with several innovative features that can take Public PAIR data to the next level.

Application PDF Reports

QuickPair incorporates all of the PatentAdvisor analytics and statistics on your application into an easy-to-read, downloadable report. The report opens with an executive summary of your application’s prosecution history and makes general recommendations based on the data gathered from that prosecution history. The report then dives into a comprehensive analysis of statistics on your patent examiner, the relevant art unit, office actions, appeals, outcomes of similarly situated applications, and more. Statistical information is broken down into user-friendly graphs and charts, allowing you to efficiently gain an overall sense of how well your application is fairing compared to PTO averages.

Prosecution Timeline

The prosecution timeline allows you to see a snapshot of the entire prosecution history of your application. Graphical representations of office actions, RCEs and different prosecution procedures, juxtaposed with your patent examiner’s average, make it easy to understand how the application is performing, and how rapidly (or conversely, how slowly) it is advancing through the examination process.

The Prosecution Timeline in QuickPair

Hyperlinks to reports on your patent examiner’s history and the relevant art unit provides you with the ability to quickly break down and understand the broader prosecution landscape relevant to your application.

Prosecution Guidebook

QuickPair also offers an innovative feature called prosecution guidebook, which provides you with clear and concise recommendations on how best to proceed with the prosecution of your application. These recommendations are based on comparing examiner and office averages to your application’s statistics. For example, prosecution guidebook may suggest engaging your examiner in an interview early on in the examination process due to a low examiner allowance rate for other applications.

Dynamic Updates

In addition to the above features, QuickPair also gives you the ability to create custom notifications for your applications in QuickPair. Anytime there is a change or update to your application’s prosecution history, you can elect to receive either a pop-up or email notification detailing the change.

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