480082315-813679-editedAs an intellectual property lawyer, you are responsible for positioning the IP portfolios belonging to a diverse roster of clients, which can be even more difficult than it sounds. Your clients likely operate with widely varying business models across a range of industries that may span multiple sectors of the economy. You need intellectual property software that can be customized to fit your firm’s and your clients’ varying needs for business intelligence—a toolkit that easily allows you to examine each client’s IP landscape at a glance.

LexisNexis is pleased to introduce the new Briefcase feature, available exclusively with PatentAdvisor. Briefcase empowers your firm to easily create customized analysis sets for every individual client. PatentAdvisor has always facilitated the examination of your clients’ patent portfolios, but Briefcase allows you to configure customized datasets with an unprecedented degree of detail that can easily be fit into your present prosecution workflows.

For each of your clients—or even for individual departments or business groups within a client organization—Briefcase offers the power to filter information beyond the level available through the traditional Dashboard and Portfolio Manager tools within PatentAdvisor. The Briefcase feature provides your firm with the flexibility to parse out as much or as little patent portfolio data for you to intelligently discuss each client’s needs for a particular project. The Briefcase allows you to gain a thorough understanding of your clients’ applications that will allow you to have more meaningful and productive conversations.

When pitching your patent prosecution services to potential clients, you can prepare a customized PatentAdvisor Briefcase for that client in advance of your proposal. Demonstrate that you have solid understanding of not only your clients’ industries and businesses, but also that you have already done some of the required analysis to understand them and their business needs that will help give their portfolios a competitive advantage.

Additionally, your firm’s associates can gain deeper insight by creating customized analysis sets, encompassing one or more clients’ projects, for their own individual use. These Briefcase views can be shared with colleagues across the firm.

Briefcase brings to PatentAdvisor the ability to quickly and individually customize and filter prosecution-specific data in such a way that you will want it on hand during consultation meetings with your client’s key IP personnel. When combined with the predictive analytics that have made PatentAdvisor the most powerful patent prosecution service in the IP field, Briefcase becomes an irreplaceable service to build client trust and loyalty.

If you are already a PatentAdvisor subscriber, look for the Briefcase feature on your account portal today.


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