PatentAdvisor Briefcase Gives Corporate IP Counsel a Competitive Edge

Feb 11, 2020

corporate ip competitive advantage

The Importance of Corporate IP

For a company that depends upon its intellectual property holdings, the status of its current and pending patent portfolio is crucial. Intellectual property is the lifeblood of many businesses, even if the bottom line doesn’t reflect that. Protecting the intellectual property that allows the production of the technology and products that a company sells or licenses is of utmost importance. 

However, while financial professionals have long been able to assess the financial well-being of a company, in-house intellectual property professionals have often had to rely on educated guesswork and simplified solutions such as manually updated spreadsheets.

Now you can have the clarity and input that your finance department takes for granted. Let LexisNexis’s PatentAdvisor take your patent department to the next level.

The Briefcase Feature for Corporate IP

LexisNexis is pleased to introduce the new Briefcase feature, available exclusively with PatentAdvisor patent portfolio management tools. The Briefcase empowers a company to create its own customized analysis set for each individual project, working group or business unit. PatentAdvisor has always facilitated the easy examination of a given patent portfolio, but Briefcase allows companies to configure personalized datasets with an unprecedented degree of detail.

For every project that touches some portion of a company’s patent holdings, Briefcase offers the power to filter information beyond the level available through the traditional Dashboard and Portfolio Manager tools within PatentAdvisor. The Briefcase feature provides your company with the ability to customize your views to parse as much or as little portfolio data as you need. This enables corporate IP counsel to most efficiently meet each business unit’s varying needs within the company.

How Can Briefcase Help with Patent Prosecution?

The developers of PatentAdvisor are patent attorneys and so they’re familiar with the challenges of patent prosecution. That awareness has helped to build new features into the product to meet the varying diverse needs of IP-driven companies across various industries. The Briefcase enables patent counsel to create its own dashboards, with its own data sets specific not only to your company but even specific to a particular product line or business unit.

PatentAdvisor Briefcase also allows you to have the ability to quickly and individually view and filter public and private PAIR data to assist with strategic analysis, budget planning, project status meetings, and presentations to senior management. When Briefcase is combined with the predictive analytics that have made PatentAdvisor the most powerful patent prosecution service in the intellectual property field, you have a service that will bring your company to the next generation in patent prosecution. Having access to the most powerful patent program can improve overall IP organization efficiency and productivity. 

How Can Briefcase Help with Patent Applications?

Gain deeper insight into patent applications of particular interest by designing your own analysis set. Generate multiple Briefcase views and reports for a set of competitors, or for all of the companies that hold patents in a particular sector of the economy. Once a Briefcase view and dataset is configured, it can be shared with others within your working group or within your company. Stay connected to the application patent process in order to have better oversight of all moving parts.

How Can Briefcase Help with Outside Patent Counsel?

In-house counsel can also use the Briefcase tool within PatentAdvisor to evaluate the assistance being provided by your company’s outside patent counsel. Measure their performance against the USPTO average and against any other law firms that may support your company’s patent prosecution efforts. Making sure everyone involved in the patent process can help the process go more smoothly and efficiently. 

Continuing to have a more robust and clear picture of corporate IP patents through the Briefcase feature on PatentAdvisor can help a business improve organization and portfolio oversight. 

If you are already a PatentAdvisor subscriber, look for the Briefcase feature in your account portal today. If you are interested in learning more, check out how our PatentAdvisor program can help your company with their IP needs. Please contact us if you need any additional information on how you can best utilize this feature.

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®

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PatentAdvisor, the first-ever data-driven patent strategy tool, provides a systemic approach to crafting an effective prosecution strategy. Understand why certain patent applications take longer than others to reach allowance—then use that knowledge to devise better patent prosecution strategies.

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