Anyone who deals with patent prosecution knows that difficulties constantly arise throughout the patent process. For example, in the patent search phase, where the goal may be to gather as much pertinent information from around the world as possible, figuring out how to access or even how to read prior art can be difficult. Not only do these minor setbacks accumulate and frustrate the patent professionals who are trying to produce high quality results for their clients, but clients often put pressure on professionals to keep costs down in a game where time is money. LexisNexis® IP knows your pain and has the solution to quickly overcome or avoid many of the obstacles that obstruct your mission to acquire a patent as economically as possible.

Conducting a Prior Art Search

Conducting a worldwide prior art search can be daunting for several reasons, but one of the primary reasons is that many countries have their own patent authority databases that must be accessed separately throughout the search process. For this reason, many patent practitioners tend to spend a large portion of their time searching only a few main patent authorities. This approach, while arguably necessary to conserve resources, could leave patent practitioners blind to undiscovered patents and patent applications that were filed with other patent authorities in the world. With LexisNexis TotalPatent One®, patent practitioners can search over 100 worldwide patent authorities simultaneously through a single patent search platform to ensure that no stone goes unturned and to ensure maximum efficiency.

Additionally, many patent authority search engines require the knowledge of Boolean search language to produce tailored results and relevant patent information. For many patent practitioners, however, the Boolean operator combinations that are necessary for focused search results create a lot of frustration and wasted time. That is why TotalPatent One™ provides users with intuitive patent search tools that rid of the need for expert-level Boolean queries to produce excellent search results. Boolean search is still an option, for those experts who prefer that type of search, but more simplistic searching is also easily conducted in TotalPatent One.

Identifying and Organizing Pertinent Prior Art

Tailoring and running searches for potentially pertinent prior art often occur quickly compared to sifting through search results to identify the documents that are most relevant. Patent search engines often provide very little information about the search results and require navigating several links to fully understand what a specific patent document is about. Moreover, once relevant patent documents are identified and need to be stored and arranged, many platforms only provide users with the option to either download electronic versions of each document individually, or to individually print physical copies of the documents.

TotalPatent One, on the other hand, has simplified identifying and organizing pertinent patent documents to help users preserve their valuable time. After a search has been performed, the TotalPatent One patent search platform presents users with the most important patent document information up front by providing them the ability to view a document’s title, abstract, status, and even an image of a document’s front page. Relevant search results can then be organized into electronic file folders to help quickly identify, arrange, access, and print results more efficiently.

Dealing with Non-English Information

A common obstacle faced during international patent searches is that the results yield many patents and patent applications that are drafted in their filing country’s language without an English translation. Left with no other choice, patent professionals must then find a way to translate the text of prior art into something they can work with. Fortunately, TotalPatent One offers a solution by allowing users to search the world’s largest collection of searchable full-text patent documents with results translated into either English or preserved in the original language in which the patent documents were originally published.

With LexisNexis TotalPatent One, you can overcome obstacles and perform patent searches more economically. TotalPatent One is a total patent search solution and the clear choice for patent professionals who value the ability to efficiently provide quality results to their clients.

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