You can now preview the latest new enhancements available to you in LexisNexis TotalPatent One®.

Expansion of query box:

You can customize the length of the query box by dragging on the icon in the bottom right corner. See green arrow in image below.

Folders to save your search queries:

You can save your search queries in different saved folders by clicking on the star icon in the object box. You can save your searches in new or existing folders.

Authority Selection:

You will now find a new selection grid, located below the object search box, where you can select the authorities you would like included in your search.

Alert Set-Up:

You are now able to set up alerts through a new more streamlined set-up screen.


A new INPADOC link has been added at the top of the family table in the document view. When you hover over the icon, the cursor will turn into the hand signifying a link and the word “INPADOC” will appear.

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