Take a look at the latest new features in LexisNexis TotalPatent One®.


  • Export modal Drag-and-Drop re-design
    We listened to your feedback and have made this feature easier to navigate and customize.
  • Ability to export all images
  • Ability to export address information
  • Ability to export document ranges
  • Ability to export first claim only.
  • Ability to export specific fields in multiple documents into a single Word or PDF file
    You can now review all your documents at once without opening multiple files.

KWIC (Key Words In Context) enabled in the document view:

Quickly view all your keyword hits at once to identify relevant documents faster.

Ability to sort documents by publication number:

DCA (Directory of Corporate Affiliations) added to Object Search:

Now you can add a company and all its subsidiaries to eliminate additional research outside of the tool.

FI & F-terms added to Object Search:

Create and export family reports:

Now you can pull the title, abstracts, and legal status of all the family members into one document.

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