Patent professionals tasked with overseeing patent data and prior art research need access to global patent data, presented in databases that are easy to search—but that is often just the first step.

Researchers often need to be able to take that patent data and present it to others who may not have access to the same data analytics tool.  The information may need to be presented to other business units, colleagues working at off-site locations, or outside partners or clients. It also may need to be presented in a manner that is easily understood by those who are not patent professionals.

To meet the needs of users to share the results of their patent research, LexisNexis® TotalPatent™ is equipped with a wide range of export options – more than 40, in fact.

The power of TotalPatent data delivered the way you want it

One of the most frequent feature requests we had received for TotalPatent was the ability to export search results directly to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. We are now pleased to offer this feature on all TotalPatent search output.

As was previously the case, users can select which specific fields they would like to export. The options chosen on the “Select Fields” menu will be saved as preferences and used to auto-populate that menu on any subsequent exports. When exporting to the Excel .xlsx format, clipped images also can be included in the document output, a popular feature that enables users to visually identify and organize research.

The CSV and TSV export formats remain available, and the number of records that can be exported in any selected format has been greatly increased from 200 to 3,000. Up to 20,000 XML records can be exported to Intellixir and VantagePoint.

Whether you’re using the newly available Excel format, XML, or any of the other file export formats supported by TotalPatent, you’ll find that publication numbers have been hyperlinked for your convenience. Additional links are provided to the original PDF format patent documents in order to share information with counterparts who may not have access to the tool themselves, including clients and team members working in other locations.

Additionally, you’ll find one-click retrieval of PDF documents from all relevant access points within the TotalPatent interface. Just look for the hyperlinked Adobe icon. When downloading documents, all selected records can be compressed into a single ZIP file for convenience or compressed into separate ZIP files for each individual record.

LexisNexis PatentOptimizer™ subscribers enjoy special benefits

PatentOptimizer customers will welcome the ability to export publication numbers directly from work folders or TotalPatent results search directly into PatentOptimizer for further analysis. PatentOptimizer will automatically open and populate the patent numbers when the export file is opened.

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