Excel at All Stages of the Patent Process and Become a Quadruple Threat

Nov 1, 2021

Excel at All Stages of the Patent Process and Become a Quadruple Threat
The best patent practitioners are quadruple threats who excel at all stages of the patent process. They provide value to their clients from before the conception of their patentable ideas all the way through patent prosecution. With modern patent analytics solutions provided by LexisNexis® Intellectual Property, becoming a quadruple threat is more attainable than ever for patent professionals.

Identifying Opportunities for Innovation

Ideas for innovation sometimes arise in unanticipated epiphanies, but most of the time they arise after much diligence and thought. The LexisNexis® PatentSight® innovation analytics platform can be thought of as the engine that generates ideas and strategies surrounding research, development and patent protection strategies. Fueled by a vast database of global patent records and guided by advanced patent metrics and analytics, PatentSight® helps users visualize patent data and find meaning in the patent filing strategies of businesses around the globe. By evaluating competitor patent portfolios and players in emerging industries, PatentSight users can identify market trends and patent white space where there are gaps in a technology landscape that can be capitalized upon.

See how as part of the patent process the PatentSight innovation analytics platform offers multiple tools and patent metrics to help users gain a clear understanding of the sizes and strengths of patent portfolios maintained by companies all over the world.



Conducting Patentability Research

Identifying market needs and potential competitive advantages are valuable strategies for sparking innovation, but the ability of inventors to protect their ideas depends on additional research and analysis. An invention is only patentable with the USPTO if it is new and nonobvious based on all of the prior art references available in the world. As part of the patent process, a thorough patentability search is the best way to obtain the information needed to evaluate an invention’s patentability, and the insights gained through the patent search process can facilitate better patent drafting.

The LexisNexis TotalPatent One® patent search platform simplifies the patent search process by providing access to millions of patent documents from patent authorities around the world. And because having access to so much information can be daunting to patent searchers, the intuitive TotalPatent One® user interface facilitates several ways to tailor search queries and to filter down search results to only those that matter.

Learn how to gain greater access to patent records with TotalPatent One.

TotalPatent One

Drafting and Reviewing Patent Applications

Many of the patent application objections and rejections that are issued by USPTO patent examiners can be avoided by meticulously reviewing patent drafts before they are submitted. Unfortunately, the kind of thorough reviews needed to ensure compliance with the many applicable patent procedures and guidelines takes a lot of time (and therefore money) to conduct manually. Thankfully, technology has our backs, and the LexisNexis PatentOptimizer® patent drafting platform can quickly and effectively review patent drafts for compliance with formalities, consistency and many other mistakes that give rise to office actions. Even in situations where office actions are unavoidable, PatentOptimizer® can help identify and recommend ideas for arguments to overcome objections and rejections based on arguments that were successful against USPTO patent examiners in the past.
Explore how to create high-quality patent applications as part of the patent process.

Developing and Adapting Post-Filing Strategies

Once a patent application has been filed—when the research and drafting parts of the patent process are things of the past—the application’s future depends on a single patent examiner’s opinion on patentability. Each USPTO patent examiner has a unique background and perspective, along with unique tendencies in evaluating patentability, that can be leveraged by patent professionals to smoothly navigate patent prosecution. Insightful USPTO patent examiner statistics provided by the LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® patent analytics platform, such as an examiner’s allowance rate, the average number of office actions they issue per application and average application pendency times, help patent professionals better understand the individual examiner they are dealing with.

Watch the on-demand webinar Patent Prosecution Analytics: No Longer Just a Nice to Have and read the overview here.

From informing research and development to determining patentability, and from patent drafting through to patent issuance, patent data and analytics can be used to improve the quality of patent services. LexisNexis IP provides analytics solutions for all stages of the patent process to help patent professionals become a quadruple threat and improve the value they provide to their clients.

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TotalPatent One

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